An analysis of the millers tale in geoffrey chaucers canterbury tales

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Source The Miller as the Antagonist In classic literature, when a character is described with red hair, they are most commonly depicted as a type of antagonist, a character negative to those who are seen as good.

Yet the story itself is clearly a fabliau: and its sources confirm its debt to fabliau - a hugely elaborate trick, set up with huge care in the story, which snaps shut as the story ends.

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In the General Prologue, the portrayals of the Knight, the Parson. Then in a repetition, when Absalon returns for another kiss, Nicholas presents his arse to be kissed. Active Themes The carpenter lies in a swoon, his arm broken.

Thus, the Miller begins his tale.

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Alisoun and Nicholas declare John to have gone mad, making him the laughing stock for everyone. John sends to look for him and servant confirms his illness.

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Chaucer Miller's Tale Essay