An introduction to the story of the fall and rise of moll flanders

No reason is legitimate enough to kill an innocent child. I rose up too, as if with the same indifference; but when he came to give me as it were a parting kiss, I burst out into such a passion of crying that, though I would have spoke, I could not, and, only pressing his hand, seemed to give him the adieu, but cried vehemently.

A Treatise concerning the Use and Abuse of the Marriage Bed is as eloquent in its praise of marriage as it is fiery in its denunciations of sexual and mercenary motives for entering into it.

Moll's minister somehow secures a reprieve of her death sentence, and Moll is condemned to "transportation"; she must board a ship to America and become a slave for five years.

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Because of his intervention, Moll's death sentence was commuted to transportation to the American colonies. A novel he claimed to have written immediately after being inspired by a dream, "I waked one morning As for what she left, a daughter, a married woman, came and swept it all away, and removing the goods, they had no more to say to me than to jest with me, and tell me that the little gentlewoman might set up for herself if she pleased.

Theme is defined as an underlying or essential subject of artistic representation. For example, to see Jemy and encourage him to follow her to America, she must again disguise herself.

She appears to be an immoral adulteress, but she manages to keep the readers sympathy throughout the novel. Strictly speaking, these critical views are not opposed but describe the two different levels on which Defoe's book operates. The Nurse dies when Moll is about fourteen years old.

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Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoe