Argumentative essay on cell phone use in school

Argumentative essay on cell phones

That they should not be be on. Additionally, cell phones are a great source of entertainment. What is a school child supposed to do in emergencies? Students should not use cell phones in schools due to the fact that they cause considerable distractions during class time. Students should learn to become independent from their cell phones just like the days when cell phones were not invented yet. Others say it is because they interrupt the learning environment. Cell phone use in schools should be restricted because it distracts students, it is disrespectful towards teachers, and may tempt students to cheat. Should they be allowed or not? In yester years, communication was a problem but today, reaching a person is within the touch of a button. If your cell phone has an annoying ring tone it might ring in class and the teacher might take it and not give it back to you. Students will hide the iPod on a test, so why take the chance of having to have a student retake the test. For example, when my parents immigrated from Burma to Thailand I never had spoken my native language outdoors. From fights over a girl at the gate, underage sex, rape, teen pregnancies to Latrine humiliations, none of this is new.

At least with cellphone evidence the police or ultimately the law can't shrug the incident off. Students might start browsing irrelevant, inappropriate websites and waste their time which can be utilised for studies.

20 reasons why cell phones should be allowed in school

At first consumer demands of cell phones were slow to catch on, but gradually grew in popularity. It will study some of the most widely concerned topics of cellphone use in school including cheating, cyberbullying, and sexting.

However, phones during class in high school and college should be up to the teacher, whether or not to have them. But I also think that teachers should limit the use of it, like during lessons and only to use during work time.

reasons why cell phones should not be allowed in school essay

Listening to music is Words: The family includes a blue cat, a red cat and a purple cat. The Phrase Finder describes the phenomenon thus: Meaning: Unprovoked attacks on individuals made in order to record the event, and especially the victim's shock and surprise, on video phones.

I think that people should be allowed to be using their iPod's and electronic devices when it is recess time because that is the time when you are free to do anything you want. Therefore, the school is a place in which the learners should be capable to learn through the help, supervision and guidance of their teachers without the interference of unregulated and unreliable information.

Many parents buy cell phones for their kids and let them have at the schools. As such, their applications for school use are broad and still expanding.

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Cell Phones Should Be Allowed in Schools Essay examples