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Now Elaine herself can be a variety of the "Good Mother" and simply send Cordelia home before she freezes to death in "the wrong time.

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I might as well climb onto the marble slab right now and pull the bedsheet over my head. In the Smeath household, Elaine and her friends are involved in that socialization; they study to be future housewives by cutting out pictures of "frying pans and washing machines" to paste into scrapbooks for their "ladies. Elaine's first eight years are spent on the road with her family, as her father, an entomologist, tracks infestations across northern Canada. Although its form is that of an autobiography, it is not one … with the exception of public figures, any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Similes recur frequently in Atwood's atmospheric descriptions. In those days the street was sordid and broken-down, but now it has been renovated and is lined with a double row of expensive boutiques. Bouson, J. Sometimes this comes to the surface, sometimes that, sometimes nothing. When Elaine is eight, her father becomes a professor at the University of Toronto. Why, we might ask, has it taken Elaine so long to give birth to herself, the sort of act managed by the Paul Morels and the Stephen Dedaluses of modernist fiction by their twenty-fifth birthdays? Although initially awkward and naive of childhood politics and social structure, Elaine is accepted, even admired by her new friends. This is a very personal symbol for Risley since it was the cat's eye that acted as her talisman, protecting her when she was a child. In both cases, a mother is likely to experience a sense of oneness and continuity with her infant.

An examination of Atwood's first seven novels from the perspective of feminist and psychoanalytic theory. The truth, or whatever would make me look good?

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It is at once a highly personal and an all-encompassing cosmic vision. This is a very personal symbol for Risley since it was the cat's eye that acted as her talisman, protecting her when she was a child. They are Cordelia's; as they always were. The Canadian women's movement bore fruit in , when a Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada was created. Why do you think Elaine became an artist? When the Smeaths invite Elaine to join them for the first of what eventually seems an endless series of Sundays, Atwood describes the interior of the church through the eyes of the young Elaine who might as well be a creature from Mars. I need to fill in the black square of time, go back to see what's in it. When she tries to recall her ninth birthday party, for example: I close my eyes, wait for pictures. Soon he becomes well-known in his field, and Risley attends one of his lectures in Toronto. It remains the most striking of her novels — but I am not sorry she has chosen to return to her old, native landscape in which fear and horror are incorporated in everyday experience and the members of ordinary families assume the power of myth. Thus, as she herself must know, serious readers of her work are familiar enough with the outlines of her family and her early life to be enticed into seeing the painter Elaine Risley—that stereotyped persona of modernist fiction—as at least partly her own reflection.

Smeath Mrs. Like the cat's eye, she is "frozen. In this way, part of the enjoyment of this text involves a shifting back and forth between invention and the facts of the inventor's past. The main coming-of-age story is of Risley as a fifty-year-old painter trying to come to terms with being middle-aged.

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Although she eventually finds the strength to reject her friends, she does not easily recover from the emotional wounds they inflicted. It is a novel of images, nightmarish, evocative, heartbreaking and mundane, that taken together offer us not a retrospective but an addition: a new work entirely and Margaret Atwood's most emotionally engaging fiction thus far.

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A vital moment comes when she is in her twenties and makes a change in her artistic subjects: "Until now I've always painted things that were actually there, in front of me. Banerji, a man from India who worked alongside Elaine's father and often visited their house.

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Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood