Persuasive essay smokers should pay health tax

should health insurance companies be allowed to charge higher premiums to smokers

Since smokers tend to have significantly lower incomes than non-smokers, they could be especially vulnerable to increased health insurance costs. Alongside the great cost to smokers, they enjoy benefits to the same degree.

And, when we began shopping around, we learned no other company would give us any better of a deal.

smokers should pay for their own health care

In the end, we have made criminals of the very people we are trying to save. What is next, are we going to tax someone because they are over weight or disabled? If someone tax a smoker, they already have to follow should laws that more been put in place, that are against them.

Moreover, youth and lower-income people would benefit disproportionately from improved health, partially offsetting the regressivity of tobacco taxes, and lower-income children and families would be the primary beneficiaries of the expanded availability of early childhood education that these tax revenues would finance.

smoking and health insurance premiums

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Smokers Need Higher Health Care Premiums Essay