Promoting intercultural understanding international baccalaureate program essay

Students may start taking IB courses starting their junior year. Librarian Alice Ann Ellis notes that IB's creativity, action, and service requirement has raised awareness of important issues. Early on, teachers noticed a "challenge creep" that spread to non-IB classes.

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I adopted this concept before listening to the IB course. Before I had heard of the IB program, I had already adopted this concept.

This series introduces viewers to a global network of engaged, passionate teachers and learners. Students are encouraged to actively participate in community activities, critically think about themselves and the surrounding world, become a considerate lifelong learner.

IB coordinator Nancy LaVier credits the IB program with "a revived spirit and a return to an era of pure enthusiasm" in the school.

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Students across the board have responded positively to the higher expectations. Our programmes help IB students: ask challenging questions think critically develop research skills proven to help them in higher education.

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Promoting Intercultural Understanding: International