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In the early modern periodthe Dutch were the pioneers in financial regulation. For more information, see About financial institutions in Alberta, news and links.

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Enforcement and resolution Having rules and laws, and making sure financial services providers follow them, are the first two pieces to understanding financial regulation. See also:. Its main purpose is to supervise, regulate and provide charters to banks operating in the U.

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One of the most comprehensive and powerful agencies, the SEC enforces the federal securities laws and regulates the majority of the securities industry. The number of Central Bank staff doing this job has increased rapidly in recent years, leading to more in-depth supervision.

Understanding the regulation of the banking, securities and insurance industry can be confusing. A well-functioning financial system is vital for the economy, businesses and consumers.

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Our role related to solvency Regulation creates a climate that minimizes the risk of loss to depositors or trust in the event of the failure of their financial institution.

In making financial decisions, policyholders and depositors are encouraged to be vigilant in obtaining information on the financial condition of the financial service provider, determining whether the institution is regulated, and determining the insured status of the financial products they choose.

While most people will never deal directly with these agencies, they will affect their lives at some time. These spell out how firms must treat their customers when selling them financial products. State Insurance Regulators State regulators monitor, review and oversee how the insurance industry conducts business in their states.

Financial regulation is part of ensuring the safety and soundness of the financial system and protecting consumers.

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What is financial regulation and why does it matter