Salient points on the enhanced k 12

Education for children in the early years lays the foundation for lifelong learning and for the total development of a child. You can also ask your school administration public or private to contact the DepEd division office to help organize an orientation seminar.

The college General Education Curriculum is being revised. Subjects that have been taken up in Basic Education will be removed from the College General Education curriculum. Who receives, evaluates and approves the applications for provisional SHS permits?

salient features of education

Education shapes our future as Filipinos, it is our duty to be aware of reforms in basic education that will move our country forward. Salient features that will yield fine learners with 21st century skills have triggered this move.

These efforts are commendable and should continue. The K to 12 Program covers 13 years of basic education with the following key stages: Kindergarten to Grade 3 Grades 7 to 10 Junior High School Grades 11 and 12 Senior High School Why are we now implementing 13 years of basic education?

They are fluent, confident and uncomplicated. How will multi-grade teaching be affected by K to 12?

Salient points on the enhanced k 12

All schools and organizations must first apply for a permit from DepEd. Why add two more years? Elementary education refers to primary schooling that involves six or seven years of education. Which mother tongue will be used in multi-cultural areas? Added as well are thoughts on issues such as disaster prevention, climate change, and Information and Communication Technology or ICT. However, beyond awareness and capability building, it is just as important to consider how this can be embedded in the curriculum, culture, systems and structures of each school. For example, providing students with modules on assertiveness, personal safety, gender sensitivity, valuing diversity may go a long way in helping create an environment of safety for our students. What is the Voucher Program?

Change is two-fold: a curriculum enhancement and b transition management. Changes to specific subjects are detailed in the K to 12 Curriculum Guides, viewable and downloadable at bit.

Making the Curriculum Relevant to Learners Contextualization and Enhancement Examples, activities, songs, poems, stories, and illustrations are based on local culture, history, and reality.

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K to 12 Salient Point