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It is said to be the most highly decorated Mughal time period mosque, Wazir Khan Mosque is famous for its very complicated faience tile work known as kashi-kari, as well as its interior upper layers that are almost fully made more attractive with detailed Mughal time period walls and ceiling painted with water colours.

Beside privacy and security, the walls excluded the wildness of nature and included the tended, watered greenery of the garden. Each terrace level 4—5 metres feet higher than the previous level.

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All combined, the Gardens has fountains. In this way, the cycle of life was portrayed in the garden. This was important because the ascending hierarchy of terraces symbolized the respective social levels within the court. A museum is a place where objects of historical, scientific, cultural and artistic are displayed, John Lockwood Kipling, was one of the earliest and most famous person who had the responsibility of taking care of the museum and it is called a custodian. There are no plans available that show the plantation pattern of the 17th-century Mughal gardens but court historians say trees and flowers were planted in Shalimar Gardens on August 31, Get details of Location, timings and contact. They were an inseparable couple, going together everywhere on royal inspections, military expeditions and constructions sites. Cypress and flowering fruit trees were generally planted along the main axis of the gardens. The concept of the garden was based on Char Bhagh. General Ayub Khan nationalized the Shalimar Gardens in as because the leading family members of the Arain Mian family opposed the imposition of martial law by the General in Pakistan. The distribution of the fountains is as follows: The upper level terrace has fountains.

Its construction started in CE AH and was completed in the following year. It is very likely that the policy of making a brand new Shalimar Gardens will continue.

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The credit of the place goes to the then Emperor Shah Jahan who was known for his love for nature and construction. This is a hallmark of Mughal architecture.

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The second or the middle level is known as Faiz Baksh, which means Benefactor of goodness while the third or upper level is known as Farah Baksh meaning Benefactor of Pleasure. The historic Shalimar Garden is one top tourist attraction in the city which has historic relevance. Beside privacy and security, the walls excluded the wildness of nature and included the tended, watered greenery of the garden. Team reflection essay english. The fort then passed to British colonialists after they annexed Punjab following their victory over the Sikhs at the Battle of Gujrat in February These are two masterpieces from the time of the brilliant Mughal civilization, which reached its height during the reign of the Emperor Shah Jahan. Though fountains were not working, the reservoir was filled to the brim. The lower level terrace has the highest number of fountains at The terraces are at a height of about 5 meters one above the other with a same level of distance. The buildings were constructed for different purposes that serve the Royal family and the visitors of the time as well. It appears that the theme of planting trees, shrubs and flowers was considered a part of the oral tradition of the subcontinent of which music is also a part. A number of rooms have been under repair for a longer period of time and others still show a rather historical and often limited to basic principles in connection with the display of objects in the museum, with Urdu titles only.

The tomb was built for Emperor Jahangir, who ruled the Mughal Empire from to Each type consists of similar type of animals capable of exchanging genes or interbreeding. The mid level terrace contains fountains.

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All combined, the Gardens has fountains. A funeral procession transferred his body from Kashmir and arrived in Lahore on Friday, 12 November

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