The star wars as a cult phenomenon

Had the Jedi forgotten that they themselves, a millennia earlier, had brought Contispex I and the Pius Dea into power? The Pius Dea made themselves fabulously wealthy, which was, of course, their motivation for sending marauders in the first place. Solo, however, was horrified, especially since he had developed a romantic attraction to one of the pilgrims, a fellow Corellian named Bria Tharen ; he revealed the truth to Tharen and the two of them escaped Ylesia, stealing Teroenza's yacht and his antiquities collection and killing Zavval the Hutt—Aruk's envoy—in the process.

He was not alone.

Star wars impact on technology

However, many people thought it would be a flop, so not many people went with him. This is merely one of many examples in the scripts of displacement religion. During its opening weekend the film earned more than 1. It is said that Maeve had been one of these rebellious girls in her youth. The Reagan years Kennedy also figures in the third explanation for the trilogy's success: Political. On the remote planet Tokmia , a cargo cult developed among the primitive Oku species following the cessation of Figg Excavations ' mining efforts there. What most of you may not know is that it was the Jedi who helped start it in the first place.

Lucas has said that he does not deeply involve himself in the EU, choosing instead to concentrate mainly on his movies instead of "…the licensing world of the books, games and comic books.

Crucially, not only do they identify with Luke, the child of a broken home, but a love of these celluloid fantasies gives them a bond with their parents, who share this language with them.

Events in the film lead to a scene in which Vader could stand by and let Luke, his son, be killed by the Emperor who he served. Appalled giggles are stifled throughout.

estimated number of star wars fans

Melanesiansfor example, having witnessed the massive wartime influx of war materiel from both American and Japanese forces, lit signal fires after the end of the war to illuminate abandoned runways, believing they could compel the return of the foreigners' manufactured goods.

However, many people thought it would be a flop, so not many people went with him.

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Cult Encounters