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Unfolding over a single night, Lincoln in the Bardo is written with George Saunders' inimitable humour, pathos and grace. If your blurb is for non-fiction or self-help, it should appeal to the reader's self-interest.

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A worried Mills begs best friend Amy for help. They comment on the changes they made in order to appeal more to adults and the reasons behind the alterations.

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Find further examples from the class' reading books to act as inspiration. Sometimes there is also a tag line or shout line on the front or back cover, plus some quotes from reviewers or from other writers. From this seed of historical truth, George Saunders spins an unforgettable story of familial love and loss that breaks free of realism, entering a thrilling, supernatural domain both hilarious and terrifying. They often use three full stops at their ends an ellipsis to leave the reader asking questions It tells the reader usually an editor what happens throughout the story - including what happens at the end and how everything is resolved. Discover the selling points of your book and make a list: What is it that the readers would want to know? If only he could land and look about him. S - Sauron is the evil one who made the ring and wants it back.

Visit a bookstore, browse through blurbs for all genres. How can my book add to the existing literature?

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Ask the class if they know why blurbs are written for book covers. Drawing on his studies and research in forensic pathology, and experience in criminal profiling for law enforcement agencies as well as corporations experiencing difficulties with an employee, John Clarke shows you how to recognise and manage a workplace psychopath within your midst.

R - Risking their lives, the hobbits start their quest.

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